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WW2 Survival War Prisoner : FPS Shooting Game

75$ WW2 Survival War Prisoner After the World War II ended in final battleground many army soldiers got locked down as army war prisoner. The intense survival FPS shooting battle with prison guards took lives of many army soldiers. Some survival war prisoner attempted to escape POW camps and prison guards for final freedom in FPS shooting battle WW2 battleground but couldn’t succeed.

WW2 Survival War Prisoner : FPS Shooting Game

This first person shooting battle in WW2 resulted in death of many survival war prisoners and many got lockdown again in World War II battleground POW camp. Survival hero belongs to sniper navy and came all across the sea to fight against prison guards and rescue imprisoned WW2 army soldiers.

Survival hero the navy sniper will rescue World War 2 jail inmate from frontline battleground to escape along with World War II army prisoner that were his jail inmates. The survival hero FSP Shooter will make World War 2 survival escape strategy though risky but that’s the only way to escape from deadly war prison. Be the real marksman & critical strike sniper in this gun combat sniper mission game.

World war II FPS shooter fight with deadly prison guards armed with WW2 weaponry, guns and rifles. To escape search laser lights in survival FPS shooting game is the real challenge. Getting war weapon to fight with prison guards in intense WW2 FPS shooting game is very challenging.

WW2 Survival War Prisoner : FPS Shooting Game

Will you be able to find and locate weapons, fight alone with World War II prison guards and prison sniper, escape the search lights, and help save army prisoner in Survival War Prisoner: WW2 FPS Shooting Game? Prison guards on sniper duty will make your way out of WW2 battleground very difficult but its final chance to answer the call of escape.

Break prison rules and escape prison in WW2 final battle and enjoy free FPS Shooting Game. A real World War II survival hero knows how to fight the military force of bigger sniper in WW2 sniper mission. Answer call of war escape in intense thrilling survival FPS shooting game with guards on sniper duty. Escape from World War II battleground as reals survival war prisoner with best survival escape strategy.

Fight the increasing waves of enemy force as you progress in levels. Escape search lights and sniper guards patrolling around. Critical strike against bigger sniper will test the real sniping skills of survival hero FPS shooter. So get ready to break rules, gather your courage and fight in Survival War Prisoner: WW2 FPS Shooting Game without getting caught. Enjoy free wifi shooting game on your devices and get action packed WW2 FPS shooting adventure.

WW2 Survival War Prisoner : FPS Shooting Game


• Thrilling Action packed survival game!
• Engaging war survival FPS Shooting missions!
• Fight hard and Escape prison in World War II battleground!
• An escape strategy will make you real war survival hero!
• Variety of war weapons and rifles to combat against rivals!
• High Quality 3d Graphics, Superb Animations & Best Sound Effects!


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