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Toon Projectiles 2

All effects work on all platforms. You can easily resize hit effects using standard size values. But with changing projectile size you need to change trail length and “Spawn over distance” rate. All those vfx are premium you can use it on any of your games without any issue for free.

Toon Projectiles 2

The Asset Includes

  • 15 unique projectiles with the same style as my another toon packs.
  • 15 unique hit effects
  • 15 flash effects
  • Demo scene shooting script
  • HDRP and URP(LWRP) supported.
  • Support package for HDRP and URP(LWRP) here!
  • PC/Consoles/Mobiles/VR supported.
Toon Projectiles 2
Toon Projectiles 2
Toon Projectiles 2
Toon Projectiles 2


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