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Text Revealer Pro

Text Revealer Pro is an animator system that can reveal and hide text in your game using configurable animations. It works great for Storytelling, escape room, puzzle games, or any game that requires showing text content to the player. It can also be used to.

Demo Text Revealer Pro


  • Compatible with Text Mesh Pro.
  • Compatible with Text Mesh Pro UGUI.
  • Compatible with the basic Text Component.
  • Timeline integration.
  • Preview Reveal/Unravel inside editor for easy adjustments.
  • Easy to setup, just attach the script to your text game object.
  • Lots of settings to define random/fixed movements, directions, smoothness and speed.
  • Unity Events for integrating with your game logic.
  • Random Rotations.
  • Reveal/Unrevealed in reverse direction.
  • Including Scene with examples (Not the one in the video).
Text Revealer Pro
Text Revealer Pro


Hello users you can download and us this game template for 100%. But you want to support developer you can definitely go and buy game directly from him it will be more appreciated. Demo Scene in Video is not included (credits for the scene in the video goes to https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/historic/victorian-interior-148542) for more such code CLICK HERE & If you want to download Premium game template for free follow this link CLICK HERE.

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