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Screaming Chicken Game Template is an endless platformer where you have to avoid obstacles and the longer you walk the more points you earn this helps you compete in leaderboards. Its an free unity game template only available on UNITY FREE ASSET download it now and run it with your own customization its 100% free unity game for everyone who follow this website.

Screaming Bird game template screenshot
Screaming Chicken Game Template


  • Requires Unity 5.50f3 or above.
  • Uses microphone input to move the character.
  • logo scene.
  • Unity Ads integrated.
  • Ready to be published !!
  • Unity ADS already implemented + PDF startup guide.
  • All Scripts all well commented so they are very easy to understand.
  • Clean Code.
  • Optimized game.
  • 100% Bug Free.

How Can I Play Screaming Chicken?

  • Do not make any noise if you don’t want the bird to walk.
  • Speak softly to make the bird walk.
  • Scream to make the bird jump.
  • Unity ADs already implemented.
screaming bird game template screenshot 2
Screaming Bird Game PDF


This game use your voice to control the character so make sure while playing the game you most have to be in a silence place for better game experience. This was a fully optimized game for android and IOS it support latest Android 13 64bit and also it support on Latest iPhone 14 devices. This unity project contains all the artworks, prefabs, scene, scripts, sfx and well explained documentation. Visit Game Code Hub For well Explained Documentation.

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