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Hero Rescue 2 Trending Puzzle Game 2020

Best Adventure Puzzle Game of 2020 year!

Addictive and challenging puzzle& adventure with easy& and fun gameplay that will appeal to players of all ages. A game where you can really test your IQ..

HeroRescue2TrendingPuzzleGame2020 sellanycode screenshot 1606382421 Unity Free Asset

The game will take you to the Middle Ages, where the player is represented as a young prince who has to solve difficult puzzles to save the princess, collect gold coins, kill goblins and much more ..

Pull the pin to make a safe path to the princess. Become a hero of you Kingdom. Over 100 difficult levels are waiting for you. Pull the pin to kill the goblins, to save the princess, to get the treasure chest etc. Don’t touch the Lava otherwise you will die.

The game includes several types of missions:

& Save the princess&

& Open the chest&

& Collect gold coins&

& Kill all the goblins&

HeroRescue2TrendingPuzzleGame2020 sellanycode screenshot 1606382424 Unity Free Asset

Some levels may include several types of missions, for example, rescue the princess and kill all the goblins in one level .. It’s not as easy as it seems


  • Daily bonuses
  • Open the game every day, play and get a guaranteed daily bonus!Build your kingdom!
  • Collect coins and buy buildings. & Build your kingdom, become a mighty manager in your kingdom. Many different buildings are available..
  • Buy the Hero in the Shop!
  • Buy one of several heroes that are available in the store. Choose your hero and start conquering the kingdom. & The game includes 6 skins of heroes but you can add more..
  • Achievements! & Complete the levels, challenge, get rewarded for your achievements and & challenges.
  • Train your brain. Try many ways to play because these are logical puzzles. What the you IQ you have?
  • Atmospheric music, sounds, visuals and graphics are awesome Features
  • Easy to reskin
  • Full C# source code
  • 100 difficult levels
  • Addictive puzzle gameplay
  • Integrated AdMob ads (Interstitial and Rewarded video)
  • Integrated Firebase and Google Analytics
  • Integrated& In-App purchase
  • Detailed documentation step by step


2018, 2019, 2020

HeroRescue2TrendingPuzzleGame2020 sellanycode screenshot 1606382431 Unity Free Asset


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