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Fingers – Touch Gestures for Unity

Jumpstart your mobile device or touch screen handling today! Inspired by iOS UIKit gestures, Fingers Gestures is simple, yet powerful. Recognize complex gestures, shapes, text and more!

New Input System Compatible

Fingers Gestures as of version 3.0.0 is fully compatible with the new Unity input system! See the readme.txt file for instructions.

#1 Gesture Asset

Fingers is your best choice for Unity touch input and gesture handling in Unity. Finger gestures is tops in feature set combined with low price and easy to use architecture and tutorial videos. Fingers works on all Unity platforms. If you’ve used native mobile Android or iOS gestures, you will be right at home with Fingers.

Example Projects

I am adding examples as I have time. I’ve started with a simple word game and will build on it and add more projects over time!

Simultaneous and Exclusive Gestures

Gestures can be executed simultaneously or exclusively (the default). In addition, gestures can require other gestures to fail (such as a tap requiring a double-tap to fail).

Unit System

Fingers use inches by default to measure distances for certain thresholds, but this can be changed via properties on the gestures.

Unity Remote

When using Fingers with Unity Remote, you may want to temporarily disable mouse handling via script property.

Here are some of the components/demos included in the paid version:

  • Tap, double-tap, long tap, swipe, pinch/zoom, rotate image recognition.
  • First-person controller
  • Third-person controller
  • 3D camera orbit
  • Canvas gestures
  • Design time (no code) gestures
  • D-pad
  • Drag and drop
  • Drag and swipe away
  • Image / OCR recognizer
  • Joystick
  • Drag many objects at once
  • Tap with more than one finger at once
  • Drag/rotate/scale many objects at once
  • Platform control (jump, move, drop down through platforms)
  • Restrict gestures to the game object
  • Rotate around an object/anchor point
  • Require gesture to fail (tap / double-tap)
  • Canvas and world space object gestures combined
  • UIScrollView control with only C# code
  • Pan and zoom camera
  • Double-tap to reset the rotation and scale of the game object
  • Tap outside a content view to dismiss it

If you want an example or feature added, I am happy to do so.

Please see the included Readme.txt file and demo script for a more in-depth guide.

This code works great even outside of Unity. For example, I am using this code for a Xamarin Android drawing app (You Doodle) instead of the native Android gestures! Fingers gestures framework does not contain any Unity specific code so the framework will run great anywhere C# is supported. If you want this in Xamarin, you just have to write the adapter to send touch events.

I’ve included my Xamarin Android touch adapter code in the Readme.txt file at the bottom.

I’m Jeff Johnson and I created Fingers just for you.

Check out the detail from the Unity Asset Store: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/input-management/fingers-touch-gestures-for-unity-41076

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