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Eyes of Horror

Eyes Of Horror – this is template to help you create a horror game for mobile devices easily! The asset contains a ready-made game template with many functions!!


  • Player controller (Walk, Run, Crouch);
  • Player body model with animations;
  • Enemy eyes – the ability to see through the eyes of the enemy!;
  • Items Pickup;
  • Items Random Spawn System;
  • Functional Doors and Drawers;
  • Keys system (open locked doors);
  • Enemy AI (support for multiple enemies);
  • Mobile control;
  • CCTV Cameras System;
  • Drag & Drop Inventory;
  • Points of interest for the enemy;
  • Reaction of objects to the approach of the enemy (for example, shaking furniture);
  • Pictures system: you need to collect a certain number of pictures to win. Each pictures gives different bonuses (negative or positive) For example, a picture can attract an enemy or give the player an endless run;
  • Choice of game mode, choice of level and difficulty;
  • Getting experience points after the end of the game (you can buy new maps or modes for points);
  • High performance on mobile devices;

Includes documentation describing features and scripts!

This asset uses Font and some Sounds under Royalty-free license; see Third-Party Notices.txt file in package for details!
If you find errors or bugs, please let me know! I will also answer all the questions that you may have!
Before making a build for mobile devices, please read the documentation!
Watch video tutorials on my channel, videos will be updated over time.


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